Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Spring is seeding

Across the nation, seed producers are shaking things out of seed stalks and brown paper bags and getting ready for Seedy Saturdays. These events, growing more numerous and more popular as the local food and nouveau Victory Garden movements take hold, allow local growers to share their seeds with gardeners. The big advantage this gives you over buying from commercial catalogues is that you can find seeds that grow well in your own area, and you can ask the grower for advice about planting and growing.

GTUF, our neighbourhood food security and growing group, decided to have a small Seedy Sunday, ahead of the official day, to swap a few of our own round the neighbourhood. It was a great success and we all came away wealthier.

So. My pockets full of seeds, I must wait for my garden to drain. Meanwhile I have laced the pots and whatnots with some okara, byproduct of tofu-making, and beneficial to gardens for those who dig it in rather than cooking with it. Now I need only keep the dog away as he has decided it makes a delicious mid-morning snack.

And my walking onions are ready to take their first steps. Here's hoping for more mild weather.