Monday, 14 June 2010

GTUF June Garden Tour

We started our June garden tour at Dave's where we were welcomed by Jessie.

Dave's artichokes looking tall and comely

and his planter boxes thriving. Lower right features red orach and bok choy.

Young gardeners...

Lots of gardening tips being exchanged on what felt like the first summery day we'd had.

Next stop Laurie's where the size of the potatoes growing beside the house gave us an inkling about the lushness we would find in the back...

Sure enough. What was once a bare back yard is now park-like:

A bumper crop of blueberries on its way.

Laurie's neighbour let us ramble through her garden, an unscheduled but welcome stop

on the way to Scott and Katrinka's, where the leeks are in bud

the greenhouse is shiny and full of tomatoes

and garden life is good all round.

Beautiful water feature.

As we ready ourselves for the potluck supper, Belle takes up the dulcimer, and Scott demonstrates the washtub bass.